Florida law prohibits drivers licenses for immigrants

Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed a bill that would have allowed young illegal immigrants obtain driver’s licenses in Florida, according to a statement issued on 5 June.

The congress Florida’s Republican majority had approved almost unanimously a bill that allowed young immigrants who entered the country without documents receive a driver’s license valid for one year.

This bill was receiving illegal students who were allowed to remain in the country and defer deportation orders against them thanks to a measure approved by President Barack Obama in June last year.

Scott explained that his veto follows the inability of the federal government to implement conciliatory laws on immigration, and questioned the extent of President Obama regarding young illegal because it was not passed by Congress in Washington.

According to the governor of Florida , a state with a strong presence of the Hispanic community in the United States, as Obama does not justify the granting of a license to drive a temporary immigrant.

In the U.S., a driver’s license is the most important to present in all kinds of everyday situations personal identification.

Several other states have authorized the issuance of driver’s license for undocumented immigrants, among them Connecticut, whose legislature passed a similar proposal on May 30. The Democratic governor, Dannel Malloy said he would sign the bill.

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